Welcome to the Montana Carbon County Area Resource Directory. This resource directory was made possible when the Montana Community Foundation awarded a Leadership grant to the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation to aid in the Poverty Project.  For more information on the Poverty project please visit the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation’s project page at http://www.rlacf.org/programs/poverty/.

The Montana Carbon County Resource Directory is a free, easy to access online listing of programs and organizations in the Carbon County area that provide services to Carbon County Residents. The purpose of the project is to connect people, especially people with low to moderate income, with service providers in the Carbon County area and raise awareness of programs.  The hundreds of files on local and regional resources collected from national programs, state programs and local services are organized in categories for navigation.  If you experience any problems in navigation please take a look at the User Guide page to verify the navigation set up.  Any feedback on the site or information contained on is welcome through feedback.

The Resource Directory is still expanding and seeking more information on local organizations and the programs and services they provide in the community.  We welcome the public to contact us with any information they may have.

Montana Community Foundation


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