Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County

Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County

Street Address: 24 West 9th Red Lodge, MT 59068

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11 Red Lodge, MT 59068

Phone Number: (406)446-2582



Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 3:30-6PM school year, Monday-Friday 12-6PM summer

Eligibility: All youths 6-18 years of age are eligible and must complete a membership form.

Services Offered: Provide a safe, fun environment for children after school with enrichment programs: health and life skills, education and career, character and leadership, the arts and sports and fitness.  Club offers youth access to computer lab, study room and special teen programs.  Currently special programs include Snow Quest, reading with dogs, ice hockey, hiking, cross-country skiing and tennis. Also offers special boys and girls nights once a month along with teen nights. Club also organizes summer camps and partners with other organizations to increase programs.

Costs of Service: 10$ annual membership fee, scholarships available

Youth Development Strategy

Sense of Competency: Young people feel proud and confident when they acquire new skills and know they can do something and do it well. This happens naturally through participation in programs, but it can be enhanced through a conscious effort to help girls and boys develop skills and to recognize them formally and informally for their achievements. The Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County gives young people opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will be valuable to them throughout their lives.

Sense of Usefulness: Young people know the satisfaction of doing something of value for others. It is important to seek out opportunities for young people of all ages to do something useful for others, whether it is helping at the Club or participating in community service projects. The Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County gives young people opportunities to contribute.

Sense of Belonging: Young people know they are welcome at the Club, feel that they fit in and are accepted. This occurs naturally at the Club. It is enhanced through warm greetings from staff members when young people arrive at the Club, small group programs, publishing and posting names and photographs of young people involved in programs, or anything else, tangible or intangible, that helps young people feel safe, comfortable and accepted at the Club. Belonging gives our members a stake in the future. The primary socializing institutions of our society (family, schools, clubs) can provide youth with a sense of belonging.

Sense of Influence: Young people at the Club know their opinions are heard and valued and that they can influence decisions. This can be enhanced through participation in youth councils, discussion groups, interest surveys and other opportunities to contribute to the development of Club programs and rules. The Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County gives our members a chance to have a personal sense of influence on the world around them.

Outcomes are defined as the benefits participants receive during or after involvement with a program. It describes a change that may relate to knowledge, skills, attitudes or behavior. Boys & Girls Clubs define and communicate their success of a program by measuring outcomes. The following are Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth Development Outcomes:

  • Positive Self-Identity: Youth set and attain goals. They have a positive view of their future by confidently making the necessary decisions to achieve their life plans. Self-sufficiency and the ability to support themselves along with others is a result of this outcome.
  • Health and Well-being: Youth adopt a healthy diet. They practice healthy lifestyle choices and make a lifelong commitment to fitness.
  • Positive Values: Youth develop and demonstrate strong character. They are guided by positive values including honesty, integrity, caring and fairness.
  • Commitment to Learning: Youth value education and lifelong learning. Their commitment becomes an integral part of their future plans.
  • Social Competency: Youth have positive relationships with family, friends and coworkers. In addition to appreciating cultural diversity.
  • Community and Civic Involvement: Youth are engaged citizens of their community and the world.

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