PLUK Parents, Let’s Unite For Kids

PLUK Parents, Let’s Unite For Kids

Street Address: 516 N 32nd St, Billings MT 59101

Phone Number: (406)255-0540 or 1800-222-7585


Fax Number: (406)255-0523

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Eligibility: Individuals with special needs and their families

Services Offered: Provides support, resources and training to families who have children with special needs.

Costs of Service: None

Email Contact:

About: PLUK is a private, nonprofit organization formed in 1984 by parents of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the state of Montana for the purpose of information, support, training and assistance to aid their children at home, school and as adults. PLUK is an organization of parents and other caring individuals who serve families and individuals with disabilities of any age and at no cost. PLUK was founded by parents who felt strongly that parents of children with disabilities need to band together to give one another information and support. It seemed foolish for each new parent to try to learn all over again what other parents already know and would willingly share. It also seemed important for parents to lend each other support because of the healing that takes place when people who share a common problem can work together to find solutions. The statewide group supports families in their desire to help people with disabilities lead productive lives.


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