STEP Support and Techniques for Empowering People INC

STEP Support and Techniques for Empowering People INC

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2251 Red Lodge, MT 59068

Phone Number: (406)446-3436 or 1800-820-4180


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Statement of Purpose: STEP, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that offers a full menu of home based services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families in 11 south central Montana counties. Services range from least to most restrictive for all age groups, and service delivery is always based upon individual strengths, needs and personal choice.  Services are funded through state and federal dollars and are offered to eligible persons and families at no cost.

Eligibility: persons with development disabilities and their families

Family Education and Support Services: Limited and Networking Services (services through lifespan) Involves one to four Support Specialist visits each year to help families identify and utilize existing community resources.  Full Services (Birth to age 22) Includes weekly visits from a Family Support Specialist to work on active training and support goals, which are identified and directed by the family according to a formal service plan.”Part C” Early Intervention (Birth to age 3) Delivers Family Education and Support services for families with young children birth through age 2 who have delays or have established conditions that are likely to result in developmental disabilities. CWS (Birth to age 22) Designed for children most at risk of losing home placement because of their intensive care needs. Services include weekly visits with a Support Specialist to work on individually planned active training and support goals, and financial assistance for such things as in-home assistance, foster care, home modifications, transportation, adaptive equipment, or therapies. Children’s Community Homes (Birth to age 22) Provides 24-hour care and treatment for children with developmental disabilities and intensive needs. Training for each child is provided in a home environment that promotes personal development and prepares each child for transition back to the family or a less intensive placement.

Adult Services: assist persons with developmental disabilities and their families, or support systems, to become independent. These services emphasize personal choice and focus on community inclusion and the use of natural sources of support. Support planning is individualized and strives to assure opportunities for participants in these areas: Freedom, Authority, Support and Responsibility.  Supported Living services involve regular, weekly contact with a Support Coordinator who will help identify and coordinate the delivery of appropriate supports to each individual. Support typically entails: assistance with hiring, training and monitoring personal support staff, housing access and support, budgetary assistance, vocational assistance, access to recreational or educational opportunities, architectural modifications and adaptive equipment or the coordination of a variety of support systems. Community Support services involve varying levels of contact with a Support Coordinator according to the wishes of the participant. Individualized support is provided with a capped amount of resources available to each person. Our Day by Day program offers recreational, social, and enrichment activities in a caring, well-supervised environment.  We serve adults, age 18 and older, with developmental disabilities.


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