HRDC District 7 Human Resource Development Council Housing

HRDC District 7 Human Resource Development Council Housing Programs

Street Address: 7 North 31st Street Billings, Montana 59103

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2016 Billings, Montana 59103

Phone Numbers: (406)247-4732 or 1800-433-1411

Fax Number: (406)248-2943


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Eligibility: Must be economically disadvantaged according to Federal/State guidelines.

Services Offered:

Housing Counseling: Certified Housing Counselor provides housing counseling to homeowners, buyers, and renters to assist with improving housing conditions, meeting responsibilities of home ownership as well as tenancy. Pre-purchase, post purchase, foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage counseling, and other pertinent topics.

HUD Section 8 Housing Assistance: Provides low-income families who live outside of the city limits of Billings rental assistance. Residents of Carbon County are eligible.

Manufactures Housing Replacement Program: Assist individuals who own their manufactures home and the land it resides on with replacement housing costs to replace the energy consumptive, unsafe housing.

Weatherization: The program will provide energy conservation services to low-income households to make their homes more energy efficient safe and comfortable. Measures include ensuring insulation levels are adequate; provide proper air sealing and client education on energy conservation. Services ensure the household has proper carbon monoxide alarm and working smoke alarm.


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