Beartooth RCD Homebuyer Education and Counseling

Beartooth RC&D Home Buyer Education and Counseling

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 180 Joliet, MT 59041

Street Address: 604 W. Front Ave Joliet, MT 59041


Phone Number: (406) 962-3914

Fax Number: (406) 962-3647


Mission and History: The RC&D is sponsored and directed by local people as a regional vehicle to improve the economic and social conditions through the conservation, utilization and development of the natural and human resources of the area. Beartooth Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc. provides a means to focus the resources of people with various backgrounds, expertise and points of view. People working together can develop and implement a plan which will address problems or issues that affect their quality of life.  The leadership of this non-profit corporation is comprised of elected officials and community leaders from the counties, incorporated towns and cities, conservation districts and tribal reservations.

Homebuyer Education: These classes provide education and hands on tools for understanding your credit, setting up a workable household budget, goal setting, calculating affordability for a new mortgage, lending options, finding a realtor, protecting your assets, shopping for insurance, personal taxes and tax credits, down payment assistance programs, maintaining your investment, what to expect at closing, foreclosure prevention and predatory lending. The successful completion of the First Time Homebuyers Class is often a requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs. This class is a one day pre-purchase class. Pre-registration is required by calling 406-962-3914. For full benefit of the class, we strongly recommend having a one on one counseling session prior to class or prior to purchase of your home.  Beartooth RC&D offers first time homebuyer education classes, generally on the 2nd Saturday of each month in Laurel (see schedule). Also, to better serve the five counties within our jurisdiction, additional classes will be announced for Big Timber, Red Lodge/Joliet, Miles City and other cities as required.

Fee for Classes: Pre-registration is required no later than 3 business days prior to the class. Early registration fee is $35.00 per household or $45.00 for late registration. The registration fee is non-refundable, but may be applied for a future class. Cash or checks payable to: Beartooth RC&D are accepted.

Class Dates:

Homebuyer Program Registration:

One on One Counseling:  Beartooth RC&D also provides one on one counseling for the first time homebuyer. This includes budgeting, understanding your credit, repairing credit, personal affordability and helping create an action plan for home ownership. Although this counseling service is at no cost to the first time homebuyer, we strongly recommend all counseling clients also attend the First Time Homebuyer’s class after their counseling session, as it is often a requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs.


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