Linx: Connecting People and Places

Linx: Connecting People and Places

Address: 151 North Ridge Ave, Suite 260 Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone Number: 877-454-5469


Email Contact:

What is Linx: Linx is a transportation cooperative that connects transportation providers across 27 counties in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana to address the Greater Yellowstone region’s transportation challenges and market their services through one integrated system. Linx is a blended cooperative which means that members can be riders, transportation providers or investors (such as large employers). Linx was formed in January 2010, upon the recommendation of a feasibility study facilitated by Yellowstone Business Partnership, which had spent over a year researching and studying transportation challenges and potential solutions in the Greater Yellowstone region. Over 50 volunteers representing businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations contributed to the feasibility study.
Services: Linx connects regional travel providers such as Black Hills Stage, Alltrans, Rimrock Stages, Salt Liake Express, Karst Stage and others together for combined tickets and information in one location.  Online you can plan trips by entering city to city information and allowing hte search engine to plan your connections between the different companies.


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