User Guide

The User Guide page offers explanations and suggestions about the navigation system of the resource directory. If your questions are not answered here please go to the feedback page to help us improve the user friendliness of the site.

Categories: The categories allow us to divide and identify the different types of resource files that are contained in our directory. There are major categories such as Crisis Services or Medical Services and within each of these are more specific sub-categories such as Second Hand Stores, Food Bank, Youth medical programs and Insurance programs. This is designed to help persons who are unsure of exactly what they are looking for find lists of programs and resources that might meet their needs.  Another category option is Resources by Towns or Cities which lists the resources based on local location rather services offered.

The Search: The search does a  text search of all the files and pages included in the resource directory.  The word or phrase entered is searched for on every file and page that is connected to the Resource Directory so if it is used anyway on the site the search will report it.  Depending on the search word you use there may be many results or none at all. If your search results in multiple pages try multiple words to narrow the search.  The search should be used to find files when a person knows what they are looking for and trying to find the file. For example if you are looking for information on SNAP and already know you want that file type in SNAP and it will find the file for you.


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